50ml - ΓAIA Eau de Parfum

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For the high class, sexy, intelligentsia we invite you to experience a unique fragrance inspired by the legendary story of ΓAIA, the Earth, and her children. ΓAIA is a unisex scent that combines the essence of Apple of Eden, Calabrian Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Forest Berry, Egyptian Jasmine, Vanilla, and Sandalwood. Intricately composed for an intriguing and exclusive experience, this 50ml bottle captivates the senses of those around you and projects sexy, opulence, and intelligence.

With your pre-order we are happy to present you a copy of Empyrean Parfum: Haiku of Creation, a coffee table photography book detailing the story of Empyrean Parfums. Our book of conception is gracefully layered with Haiku and immaculate AI Imagery, diving into the mind of the perfumer.

The Story of ΓAIA

A Story of Revitalization

In a world influenced by human sprawl, it is our imperative to foster the resurgence of ΓAIA. As progeny and inheritors of ΓAIA, the innate divine within us empowers us to revitalize the Earth.


What a great joy to see how a so-called unconventional but certainly artful perfumer is creating and gets his juices going. Genuinely unfiltered. I'm always fascinated by that... I love that."

Christophe Laudamiel, Master Perfumer

The mythical, the visual, and the olfactory intertwine to tell a story about scent through an inventive look at one perfumer's creative process. This book should serve as a source of inspiration for all who wish to engage in a syn-aesthetic approach to artmaking.

Saskia Wilson-Brown, Director and Founder of Institute of Art and Olfaction